Celebrating One Woman’s Amazing Accomplishments

      Who is Shari Valja and how is She Connected to Our Community?

For several years Shari spent her summer vacations and weekends at her trailer in Riverwood Park. This park is the home base for the local IB Dragonboating team which this community has generously supported in the past.

In the summer of 2015 Shari walked down to the river at Riverwood Park and asked if she might join our team. She paddled with us for the season and also joined the St. Andrew’s team for the Port Perry festival. We quickly observed what a powerful paddler Shari was and the terrific contribution she was making to our team.

For the past few years Shari has been training with the Pickering Dragon Boat Club. Under the leadership of their coaches she has grown to be an amazing paddler who has recently made the Canadian National Senior A Dragon Boat team! This was an awesome accomplishment requiring tremendous dedication to a rigorous training schedule and overcoming some stressful times in her personal life.

The IB Dragonboating team will always consider Shari as one of “our crew”.

Her first National competition is in August at the IDBF World Championships in Pattaya, Thailand. As you can appreciate being part of the team means assuming fairly heavy financial commitments.

Please join us at the Fashion Show on Thursday, July 25 at the Royal Canadian Legion in Lindsay to help us support this amazing young woman as she represents our community and Canada in Thailand.

Dianne Dalton

On behalf of the big Dragonboating Team.